A Note On The Cuts

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

No new posts have been added to the site recently, primarily because most people’s focus has now shifted to the defensive struggle against the ConDem government’s vicious attacks on living standards and social welfare. Many people have accepted the lie that we have entered a period where cutbacks are ‘inevitable’. The main aim of activists everywhere must be to counteract that lie, and to mobilise people for the broadest possible fightback against the cuts.

The reality is that, at the time of writing (October 2010), the demand for free public transport seems utopian. Those who have looked into the question know that that is not correct. Firstly, because the crisis being used ideologically at the present time by Tories and LibDems to justify an attack on working class living standards is primarily a crisis of the banking system, which this year plans to spend as much on bonuses (£7 billion) as the scale of the core public sector cuts. And secondly, because a free transport system would generate its own benefits and savings – as has been amply proved elsewhere.

In the present climate, however, where workers are struggling to defend their basic rights, the demands of Bristol CFFPT are unlikely to relate to most people’s daily concerns. The website will of course continue to exist, and you are welcome to get in touch if you would like to help with the campaign. But new activity, at the present time, is likely to be fairly minimal.


Public transport in Bristol is a mess – over-priced, under-resourced, and mired in chaos. Private profit and cost-cutting are the order of the day. Unless the situation changes there is no chance that people will abandon their cars in favour of more environmentally friendly forms of transport. Bristol CFFPT (Campaign For Free Public Transport) has been set up to fight for a radical change to the present failed approach.

The Campaign’s first meeting is scheduled for 23rd August in south Bristol. Click here for details.

Bristol CFFPT is part of a growing national campaign with an inspiring agenda for the transformation of  the public transport system:


The aim of the Campaign for Free Public Transport is to secure an expanded, land and water based public transport system that is fully integrated, accessible, reliable, publicly owned and ultimately free for all at the point of use.


1. To defend the free bus pass for the over 60s.

2. To extend free public transport to children, young people, the unemployed and those in receipt of income support.

3. To secure public ownership of the public transport system, its expansion, full integration and rational planning.

4. To defend and extend the availability and reliability of public transport.

5. To conduct rigorous research on the funding and organisation of public transport.

6. To disseminate the Aims of the Campaign and build public support for them.

If you would like to get involved email: bristolcffpt@hotmail.co.uk